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Marlene Hochstrasser is the Clinical Director of the Devon Allergy Clinic which was established in 2006. She qualified as a Registered General Nurse & Midwife & has a University Diploma in Allergy from Grenwich University with working links with Allergy UK & the Eczema Society. Her experience was further broadened whilst working as an Intensive Care Nurse at Guy’s Hospital, London. Marlene still maintains her clinical nursing expertise working as an intravenous parenteral nutrition nurse with patients in a home situation.

A Clinic Consultation with Marlene starts…

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Allergies & Food Hypersensitivities

Allergies & Food Hypersensitivities

What is an Allergy and why it is such a misused word ?
Eons ago when man was developing a vast amount of parasites existed in our blood.  This did us no good as a species but our immune system created a white mast cell to compensate. The reason for this cell was when it came across a  parasite  in the blood it degranulated or exploded releasing very irritant chemicals to kill the parasite.  One of them is histamine hence we take antihistamine and because they are irritant and cause inflammation so we take steroids because they are anti-inflammatory  .    …

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Intolerances & Digestive Disorders

Ask Marlene

Intolerances are normally enzyme based.
intolerance are normally enzyme based
Lactose intolerance. Where we are not making enough of the Enzyme lactase to digest milk sugar lactose. Link to lactose intolerance page
Histamine intolerance.
 Lacking the Enzyme Diamine Oxydase to digest food naturally high in histamine. I regularly see clients with rashes and itchy skin where this can be a major cause .  Link to histamine intolerance page.

Digestive disorders
Interestingly more people come to me with digestive problems them allergenic symptoms. …

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    Dairy allergy in babies

    0 Comments - Posted on 5th Aug 2015

    04/08/2015 19:16Laura V ChapmanHi Marlene, just to let you know.. The gp accepted what I said after you tested Amber and prescribed me hypoallergenic milk... Different baby!!! So much…Read More »

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    ALLERGY TIPS FOR EATING OUT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON   Now that the height of the holiday season is upon us & the schools have broken up many people are either taking a holiday…Read More »

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