About the test.

The test is not a blood or skin prick test as these only measure IgE (true allergy). False positive and false negative responses to these are possible.

The machine that I use is non invasive and painless. Once calibrated to you personally the machine indicates whether your body is reactive to the individual prepared substance being tested. Testing foods, things we touch and breath plus digestive health .

At your appointment I gather your history and using my professional training, analyse the results to achieve positive outcomes to improve your quality of life.

Commonly asked questions

Q. Is it all to do with foods?

A. Certainly not. Environmental allergens e.g. house dust mites and moulds are equally important. All aspects of your allergic symptoms need reviewing with the aim of giving you a better quality of life.

Q. Can children be tested?

A. Yes as long as the child has been weened onto solid foods.

Q. Will I need more then one appointment?

A. Your appointment includes the test, results and a personalised plan. We recommend that you return for a follow up test after 3 months so that we can monitor your progress and advise on the safe re-introduction of foods into your diet. 

Q. Will I have to give up certain foods altogether?

A. No we compile your personal elimination programme with a view to re-introducing foods back into your diet after 3 months – if appropriate.

Q. Will it affect medication I take?

A. No, it is a diagnostic procedure, complementary to traditional medicines.

What people say…

“Excellent service, I’m so glad I finally went it’s changed everything for me.”
Martin – Torquay
“My baby seems so much better in himself and physically since taking what was recommended by you. Highly recommend.”
Megan – Exeter
“Excellent service, knowledge and attention to detail. We were so impressed and Marlene is very professional. If you want answers to what’s causing your problems then do not hesitate to book in! I cannot recommend enough A*”
Kelly – Ilfracombe