Indoor Allergy Week

PRESS RELEASE – October 2010

Know your mites from your moulds – The Allergy Devon Clinic supports Indoor Allergy Week

ALLERGY expert Marlene Hochstrasser is backing a campaign to raise awareness of hidden horrors in our homes which can cause allergic reactions.

Marlene, who is clinical director of the Devon Allergy Clinic wants to spread the message that everything from dust mites to mould spores can spark allergies.

Her advice comes as part of Allergy UK’s Indoor Allergy Week which aims to increase awareness of what can be lurking in our homes to cause allergic symptoms.

House dust mites, mould and animal dander are all very common allergens present in the home which can lead to coughing, wheezing, sneezing and itching.

Marlene, a registered nurse from Torquay, explained: “It is important to raise awareness of these common allergens and the simple steps we can take to reduce the amount in our homes.

“Washing bed linen at 60 degrees kills house dust mites, damp dusting around the home keeps dust under control and any damp in a property from leaking roofs can lead to mould spores.

“While we have more control over food allergies than we do over airbourne allergens, there are ways to reduce the impact these triggers can have by reducing the amount in our homes.”

Marlene is one of more than 20 complementary health practitioners working from The Devon Clinic which opens in Paignton next week. She offers allergy testing and advice on dealing with allergies.

Indoor Allergy Week, which runs from October 25 to 29, is organised by Allergy UK, the leading medical charity for people suffering from allergy, food intolerance and chemical sensitivity.

The charity explains that there are two and a half million house dust mites and their droppings in the average bed. And house dust mites thrive in our centrally heated, double-glazed homes.

This creates a humid atmosphere in which they live and breed in our soft furnishings, carpets and bedding.

Asthma and eczema can be triggered by microscopic mould allergens.

Even our pets harbour allergens, not in their coats as is commonly thought, but in their saliva and skin flakes which they shed.

Here are a few tips for controlling allergens in our homes:

  1. Wash bed linen at 60 degrees
  2. Damp dusting
  3. Avoid feather pillows and duvets
  4. Avoid air fresheners
  5. Keep soft toys off children’s beds and wash them regularly
  6. Wash duvets, pillows and curtains every three months
  7. Keep rooms well ventilated and slightly open at night
  8. Wash fridges regularly to keep free of mould

More details on reducing levels of allergens in your home can be found on the Allergy UK website

The Devon Clinic opens at Pembroke House in Torquay Road, Paignton, on November 1. The centre has been specially developed in a £100,000 project and offers a wide range of complementary therapies under one roof.


Marlene is available for interview/photos on 01803 401001 or 07810 750940

More information on The Devon Clinic from telephone 01803 500300

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