New Eczema Drop In Clinic

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Eczema drop in support group
21st March 9.30-11.30
Venue New Devon Clinic
55 Hyde Road
Contact Marlene 01803401001
Ditch The Itch!!
A new drop in group is starting in Paignton for eczema sufferers of all ages. With the support of the Eczema Society – see their web site. Marlene Hochstrasser Independent Specialist allergy Nurse is facilitating the opening of this new group.
The aim is for sufferers and their families of eczema to meet discuss exchange views and experiences of this debilitating condition. We are hoping to invite guest speakers from GPs , health Visitors, practice nurses , representatives of companies supplying emollients and rehydrating lotions to give talks in there respective areas.
Eczema can be a condition you can take ownership of and being able to treat yourselves often in simple ways changing the environment and diet can have a considerable impact. If we can have a knowledge of the often many causes of eczema we can have control.
It is often a very isolating feeling when suffering from eczema , children can get bullied and ostracised at school. Into adult hood the condition can still continue and support and understanding is often lacking.
Support groups can give a much need feeling of you are not alone .
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