Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers is a former TOWIE star that has now lent her support to the charity Love Your Gut which helps people become more aware of how important it is to have good digestive health
Sam, 24, has suffered with Crohn’s disease and allowed herself to have a design of the digestion system painted on her tummy.
Talking to OK! Online she said: “I’m so excited to be part of Gut Week; my Crohn’s disease has had a huge effect on my life and has shown me how vital looking after your health is.
“I want to continue raising awareness and help other people deal with their condition like me, with confidence.
“I’m proud that I can help and get involved with Gut Week. I hope that by sharing my experiences I can show my support to digestive health sufferers across the UK.”
Sam was diagnosed with Crohn’s in February this year and decided to let the public know that she had the disease so that she could help other sufferers become aware of the condition.
Sam underwent numerous allergy tests before discovering she had Crohn’s.
Originally Sam went down to a mere seven stone and she has since realised that worrying about weight isn’t the biggest thing in life.
“All my stressing about being skinny didn’t matter – what’s important is that you’re healthy, happy and feeling good in your clothes.
“I’ll never diet again. I’ll never drive myself a mad as I did because when I was thin I didn’t feel sexy.”
Love Your Gut Week is 11-17 August
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