Is Your Christmas Tree Making You Ill?

If you find yourself reaching tissues during the holiday season, you might find that the cold you think you have may not just be symptoms of a winter flu but actually could be a sign of “Christmas Tree Syndrome.”

There are now documented cases of people who have suffered allergic reactions to their Christmas trees and it has been found that certain molds that are prevalent in conifer trees can irritate people who suffer from those allergies.

These molds can significantly increase the risk of wheezing, persistent cough and allergic sensitization.

And, furthermore, the symptoms will only be exacerbated when the tree is inside a confined space like your home.

So how can you reduce Christmas-tree related allergies? Many Christmas Tree outlets will offer to spray the tree down with water before you collect it, or, you can also hose down the tree yourself and wait for it dry out before bringing it inside.

And finally, do stick to the 12 days of Christmas, then throw it out. This will limit your exposure to the tree and limit your health issues,

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