Don’t Let Allergies Ruin Your Christmas

We all want a merry Christmas, with no stress and a big family dinner. However, for some, Christmas can be a stressful time. Expectations are high, particularly for the host, and when allergy triggers are added in to the mix, the festive season can be less than joyful. Enjoy the celebrations by following these top tips…

Reducing your stress levels and minimising potential allergy triggers can make a big difference to how you feel, not just over the festive season, but any time. Studies have shown that although allergies are not caused by stress, experiencing stress can sometimes worsen allergy symptoms.

Many people are allergic to mould and can be quite unaware of it. But when it’s cold and damp outdoors, and the heating is on indoors, those humid conditions are a perfect breeding ground for mould. Mould can cause a whole host of iriitating symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

What about your tree? Real trees and wreaths are also a breeding ground for moulds. When leaves decay, the allergen levels increase. If you suffer, it isalways best to steer clear of seasonal greenery in the home. Be sure to store artificial trees and decorations in water-tight containers for the rest of the year, as these too can

And it goes without saying you must watch what you eat. If you have a known food allergy, it goes without saying that you should think about this before the big day, and make sure that arrangements can be made for for alternatives. Always check ingredients when eating at restaurants, getting takeaways, or anywhere you haven’t prepared the ingredients yourself.

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