Most Common Causes Of Allergies?

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What are the foods that most people are allergic to?

In the list is probably peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, crustaceans, shellfish, tree nuts, fish and soybeans – there may be more?

How do these reactions occur? They are not always immediate….

Reactions do vary. Some symptoms include rashes and itchiness, but some some a fatal reaction can present itself, which if not treated immediately, it can lead to death. It is best to identify the levels that these foods can immediately cause allergic reactions.

“A certain study has identified this. The research team led by professor Clare Mills have carefully studied the top foods that Americans are allergic to. They have limited them to five: hazelnut, peanut, celery, fish and shrimp. Since most of these are found in most of the foods that we eat, the Food Allergen and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 indicates that food labels should indicate the levels of the top allergy causing ingredients on the ingredient list.

The research team did not just stop at the identification of these foods, but they also identified the minimum amount wherein the body reacts to. The team studied 436 participants that have specific allergies to hazelnut, peanut, celery, fish and shrimp. Out of these participants, 10% have immediate allergic reactions to 1.6-10.1 mg of hazelnut, peanut, and celery while 27.3 mg of shrimp and fish.

With these information, the people are made aware to be vigilant in what they eat. Those with allergies should be able to maximize this data to incorporate in their daily lives.

Being aware to which foods a certain person is allergic to is best”

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