Exploring Pet Allergies Through TV

What a productive day last week…

On Wednesday, I met up with the production company “7 Wonder” who have been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a documentary on Allergy. I have been put forward as the advocate for people who the NHS do not have a tick box for – who self manage their symptoms by over over the counter medication and have to put up with a very miserable quality of life. The production team have asked me if I have clients or have access to people with underlying asthma and also have sinusitis rhinitis (constant runny nose, conjunctivitis and maybe hay fever) and also people suffering from pet or horse allergy.
With my assistance, the production team have now been in touch with a couple of local people who suffer from pet allergy, and are speaking to them about getting involved in this exciting project. I feel this is a very important platform to spotlight the massive quality of life issues that so many people deal with outside the NHS.
More updates soon, but in the meantime, contact me if there are any allergy issues at all which I can advise you on www.thedevonallergyclinic.co.uk
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