Managing your Hayfever this Summer

Is it a summer cold or an allergy


According to Allergy UK a significant proportion of the British population suffer from hay fever which can have similar symptoms to a cold. The type of pollen you are allergic to dictates the time of year when you will suffer most. Trees release pollen early in the year from March to May, grass pollen around May to August, weeds & seeds release in late summer. If you keep a track of your symptoms you can easily work out which  type of pollen you are allergic to. Of course you can be allergic to more than one pollen & therefore your symptoms can last much of the year with only a short break in Winter.

Your doctor may recommend antihistamines nasal sprays  or eye drops but there are other ways to reduce the load of your allergy. Keep windows shut early in the morning  & wear wraparound sun glasses when you are out. Wash hands regularly with just soap & water & apply a petroleum jelly or  Haymax around the nostrils.

Here are some top tips to keep you & your home pollen free and to maintain a barrier between you and potential allergens

Motto KEEP the Outdoors out .

  1. When you have been outside for a long time go home & WASH THE POLLEN OFF.
  2. Wash the clothes you have been wearing if you have been enjoying the Great Outdoors with activities such as cycling or running. Make sure you dry the clothes indoors though to avoid pollen falling from trees attaching to them on the washing line.
  3. Don’t cut the grass ! Let someone else to do this for you as grass cutting will certainly make your eyes run if you are a sufferer.
  4. Ware wrap around sunglasses .

Do you suffer from oral allergy syndrome?

Remember you do not have Hayfever in winter but you can be allergic to indoor allergens eg house dust mites which can give similar symptoms .

Also food allergens can  Exacerbate symptoms. My framework is to place the client in the middle and look at potential aero , contact and food allergens.

Finally,  be mindful that if you suffer from one allergy you will be more likely to suffer from others. Call Marlene on 07810 750940 for more


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