Now in Exeter too

The Devonaboutimage Allergy Clinic is now practicing from Radience Medispa in Exeter. Located at Augustus House, New North Road, EX4 4HL, it is situated in the centre of Exeter with client parking.

The Devon Allergy  Clinic’s director Marlene Hochstrasser is very excited to be practicing in Exeter again…

” finding the correct venue to hold clinics is very important as clients often travel and bus  and rail communication are very important as well as car parking.  ”

Allergy is on the increase as stated by Allergy UK and the World Allergy Organisation, The Devon Allergy Clinic over the last 10 years has been able to support clients not just with allergy but also hypersensitivity intolerance and digestive disorders.

In fact a large percentage of her client base often refer initially with digestive disorders.  Not realizing that their constant runny nose which they have put up with for often many years can also be dealt with.  Allergy symptoms cover all systems of the body from skin sinuses lungs and digestion . It is vital to look at all symptoms not just one in isolation. And assertion if there are  common causes which can be dealt with. This giving back a good quality of life.

The Devon allergy clinic was awarded a prestigious award last year….. Thus giving the people of Exeter and environs a very supportive service

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