BSACI Paediatric Allergy Training Day

Recent Training Day in Paediatric Allergy

I have just attended a practical paediatric allergy study day in Barnstable . Hosted by BSACI. Paediatric consultants from Barnstable, Truro, Bristol, Exeter, Leicester and Torquay gave excellent talks on their subjects .  Especially  the  non IgE food allergy presentation  by Dr Simon Bedwani.  Most of my patients are  non IgE . All of the speakers agreed that Allergy has increased by up to 50% over the years.  So if IgE allergic response has increased so has non IgE .  Judging by my clinic base  even more so . A  discussion between Dr Bedwani and Dr  Karen Davis consultant dermatologist was very welcome they both agreed more liaison and referral for patients with eczema would be of benefit to the patient.

Photo: Preparing for presentation by dr Stiefel on active management of milk egg and peanut allergy. So very informative. This talk is very relevant to my practice.

An update by Dr Sian Ludman on the LEAP,  EAT and now the BEEP study into peanut allergy . Very relevant topical not just for peanuts but to possibly desensitise for other potential allergens . Exciting times.

The practical sessions where interactive including all of the delegates participating.

Types of creams  and how to apply them . Always important to update skills.

Adrenaline Auto-injectors.  All practicing thank goodness they where dummies.

Skin prick tests.

Again updating techniques  and testing ourselves. The histamine control can really itch .

Testing infant formula .  The smell and the taste no wonder some babies have difficulties feeding.

If you have concerns about infant allergies or any other queries relating to this contact me here

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