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It is alwHappy to helpays great to get feedback at the Devon Allergy Clinic – and here are a couple of notes received this week:

I just wanted to say thank you for the advice you gave me on Friday, I have been doing some reading and am going to start the diet when I get back from London next week. As you said it was a very steep learning curve about the amount of simple things that have loads of ingredients in. I have one question, is Fructose ok with my intolerance to sugar and sweetners. I am also interested in coming back for a re test at the end of the two months so I will be in touch nearer the time to arrange that.

Many thanks for your help and guidance

BG, Torbay


I would like to update you on this  young child’s health since we saw you at my home.

Firstly his health improved dramatically.  His itchy, sore eye cleared immediately and the sneezing and excess mucus also improved. Also the eczema completely cleared up.

It was extremely difficult to restrict certain foods in his diet as he already has some anxiety around food and eating.

I have been buying almond and coconut milk and free from foods to send home with him after his stay with us and he is still taking gut buddies in his juice.

His symptoms have stayed away apart from the eczema which came back this week and I think maybe linked to the use of biological washing powder, so I will be sending some Fairy washing gel home with him along with the food packages..

As for my health, I did very well with the detox, lost 7lbs, was enjoying cooking lots of healthy meals and was generally feeling great, I even noticed less stiff, achey joints.  

Then came our holiday!  I completely lost my way, put most of the weight back on and got back into a cycle of eating all the wrong foods and having food cravings.  As a result I have been plagued with terrible skin again and extremely itchy, sore eyes.

Lessons learned and I am back on track. I would like to order some more Probotics Max, Sporegone and Digestive Aids please

HS, Torbay

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