Autumn Hay Fever? Read more….

Do you suffer from hay fever?

Are you one of the many sufferers who thought you were out of the woods for another year?

Yes, just when hay fever sufferers thought they were out of the woods for another year, a foreign pollen invasion is set to extend theAllergy Awareir misery during the autumn months.

We learned this from a recent article in the Independent: “The mild weather of recent weeks has allowed ragweed to flourish, a notorious hay fever trigger usually associated with the United States.

The plant is rarely seen in the UK but earlier this month researchers at the University of Leicester discovered the highest levels of ragweed pollen seen in the air for more than four decades.

The pollen, which is not usually found in the UK’s air at all, was detected on four consecutive days in the East Midlands. On the third day, the amount of pollen present was enough to trigger hay fever and asthma symptoms.

You can read the full article here 

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