Evolution of The Devon Allergy Clinic

noallergies Devon Allergy ClinicThe Devon Allergy Clinic has evolved over the last ten years. Initially I started diagnosing potential allergies which are an IgE (Immunoglobulin E) meditated response but soon realised that non IgE, intolerance and digestive disorders were often what my patients presented with. In fact allergies, such as rhinitis, are not the primary reason for patients visiting the clinic, it is digestive disorders which are often the main cause of concern. The good news is that at The Devon Allergy Clinic we manage both. With my continuous professional development in Allergy and digestive disorders, The Devon Allergy Clinic is now the Allergy, food intolerance and digestive health clinic in Southern England.

I have been working with in the Functional Medical protocol for the last eight years. What does that mean? I realised early in The Devon Allergy Clinic’s practice that finding triggers and eliminating them was not the only answer neither was just using medication to control the symptoms, such as using lotions and steroids for eczema or nasal spray or antihistamines of rhinitis. While studying for my diploma in Allergy I asked how can we prevent Allergy at a primary care level? At that time research was beginning to emerge about Probiotics. I wondered what good bacteria in the gut had to do with Allergy and the evidence was robust so I advocated my patients to take the correct strains of probiotics and heal the gut lining.

Now this is called root cause and resolution. Probiotics are now renamed the colonic microbiome and leaky gut is now called intestinal or gut permeability. These areas are now the cutting-edge treatment for autoimmune disease, which include Allergy, type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis and Crohn’s Disease. Preventing and sometimes reversing these conditions, the Devon Allergy Clinic is one of the first clinics in England hosting monthly meetings for Functional Medicine.

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