An insulated home can cause a build up of VOCs

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As the weather gets colder people who have insulated their  home well may have a build up of VOCs. they may  feel a warm & cosy glow thinking that they are keeping well.This can be deceptive as toxic air trapped in new & refurbished homes causes an increase in allergy and  asthma according to Professor Awbi of Reading University. While technology keeps the warmth in inadequate ventilatation seals in the unhealthy air.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – don’t be misled by the word organic in this context – are a major airborne danger released into the air by cleaning sprays cosmetics air fresheners & paints.  Formaldehyde a known carcinogen is given off by furniture, insulation materials & gas stoves. If you cant open hermetically sealed double glazed windows at least open your front & back doors for a period of time even on a cold day to recycle the air !

Avoid toxic build up in the home by following these steps


Don’t hang washing on airers & radiators. Condensation leads to mould spores & high humidity increasing the concentration of VOCs & house dustmites.


When cooking turn the extractor hood to increase ventilation & absorbsion of toxins through the carbon filters in the hood & try to use the back burners only.Food frying on a gas stove can release terpenes (VOCs) & natural gas emits formaldehyde. Non sticks pans which are chipped will also release toxins.


A 2016 report by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) stated that ” the lemon & pine scents we use to make our homes smell fresh can react chemically to generate air pollutants. Use only natural ideally plant based cleaning sprays. Above all avoid plug in “Air Fresheners.”


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