St Valentine’s Day Allergy Nightmare.

St Valentine’s Day Allergy Nightmare that could spoil your day.

February 14th is always a romantic time for couples but this can be impacted if one person suffers from allergy or food intolerance. There are several issues that may conspire to ruin a romantic evening. Don’t let them!

the Food.Image result for romantic food

Potential food allergy reactions can be avoided with a little careful planning. Let the restaurant know well in advance & it is worth remembering that when booking restaurants do have a duty to ask if there are any dietary requirements.  If you are leaving things to chance & just dropping in to a nice restaurant study the menu carefully & make sure they can accommodate your dietary needs. Dining at home? When cooking read the food labels with care & note that allergens are printed in bold. Cook the same meal for both of you then there will be less chance of cross contamination from ingredients and cutlery.

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Most people are not allergic to wine but can be sensitive to some ingredients. Some wines may contain dairy as a clarifying agent but EU law states it must be on the label. Try to choose an organic wine which should not be too much of a problem finding one as all supermarkets and some restaurants sell organic wines. These are less likely to cause any kind of reaction. Fizzy or carbonated drinks including larger may also have an adverse effect whereas Gin and Vodka are often the best tolerated spirits but beware of the mixers.

the Chocolates…Image result for romantic food

Read The label very carefully.  Dairy nuts & soy are the major concerns.

the Flowers Image result for romantic flowers

The main flowers causing problems for people with pollen allergies are begonia, cactus, clematis, columbine, crocus, daffodil and geranium. Avoid flowers with the most pollen production like chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, goldenrod and ordinary sunflowers are among the worst.

the Perfume. Image result for peromantic perfume

Keep safe. Always stick to the one they use.

the JewelleryImage result for romanticjewellery

Most people react to the nickel in jewellery. In less expensive jewelry nickel is often used in the base metal which is then plated with gold or silver. To be absolutely safe only buy the real thing !

 the Ambiance.Image result for romantic food

Scented candles, room freshness can have a major effect on airways especially for asthma suffers. Keep it clean and simple. Even products labelled hypoallergenic can have hidden chemical ingredients in them.

the Kiss.the kiss

If you have eaten foods to which your partners are allergic don’t kiss.  Severe oral reactions and anaphylactic shock can occur immediately.

As you will have gathered by now allergic people do not always come cheap but it is Valentines and they are worth it. All of the above mentioned items connected with Valentin’s Day can cause symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hay fever,  headache, migraine , eczema, urticaria, angioedema, dermatitis, digestive disorders and anaphylactic shock.

For the person suffering from allergy…

Make sure you carry antihistamine tablets with you and take them immediately any symptoms occur. Auto injectors – make sure they are in date and use immediately any symptoms occurs.

Make sure you wear a medical bracelet if necessary stating you have a potential anaphylactic problem. I always recommend always carrying a small package labelled allergy relief with you.

with love on Valentine’s Day

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