Does bread give you “brain fog”?

Does your lunchtime sandwich make you want to reach for the duvet and grab 40 winks? Does it leave you with “brain-fog” for no reason?

Then there is a possibility you may be gluten intolerant, a protein which is found in wheat and rye.

In a recent survey of patients with either coeliac or a gluten sensitivity over 70 percent had trouble concentrating after eating products containing gluten, 60% of coeliac sufferers and nearly 70 percent said they became groggy. A fifth of these found the symptoms showed up within 30 -60 minutes with symptoms lasting a few hours to a few days!

So if you are struggling at work after that lunchtime bagel, try switching to foods that don’t contain any gluten. Food intolerances are sometimes linked to headaches and depression.

If you are worried about these intolerance’s or food allergies then get in touch with Marlene at The Devon Allergy Clinic, with a degree in Allergy, and plenty of clients all living better lives under her belt she will be able to help you to manage your diet and enjoy food again!

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