Allergies – can they run in the family?

I have recently been asked this question a few times, so I thought I would share with you the details of 3 patients all from the same family that I have seen very recently.

Initially Mr S came to see me, he was potentially an undiagnosed coeliac – there was a family history of potential coeliac disease-   due to this Mr S had already gone gluten free but visited Marlene as he had put on weight, was feeling tired – generally wasn’t feeling well – he thought he was doing the right things. 

During his consultation with Marlene she took a full lifestyle and medical history, and discovered he was  also suffering with rhinitis which cows milk proteins (lactose intolerance) had an impact on, it was agreed that dairy and all mammalians milk should be removed from his diet.

To support Mr S during this it was recommended that he took pro-biotics, glutamine, Candi-x and digestive enzymes – 4 supplements that when taken together but the gut and digestion system back on track – read more here

Within a few weeks dad was feeling much better.

Marlene then saw eldest son – (under 10) who was suffering in principle with the same digestive problems but he was not suffering with rhinitis therefore only Lactose needed to be removed from the diet.

Pro-biotic recommended to support immune/ gut/ and digestion.

Following on from seeing them their Baby, who is less then a year old, was bought into the clinic – similar to father (mother already removed gluten) however the baby was still having cows milk.

Marlene suggested taking out cows milk and supporting with children probiotics (once per day) 

Improvement was seen within 1 week!

Please note oral food challenges are short term only and need to be slowly re-introduced to the diet. 

If you or someone in your family is suffering with allergy symptoms please make an appointment to come and see me, it may just require a few tweeks to your diet for an increase in wellbeing.

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