Perimenopause, your hormones and gut health


Are you in your early to mid 40’s? Have you started to feel ‘out of sorts’ but you are not sure why or what exactly is wrong?

Are you experiencing anxiety, sleepless nights, stomach issues? 

Have you been to the doctors and they have told you you are too young for it to be the menopause?

The term perimenopuse is something you may have heard being used recently, celebrities like Davina McCall are talking around the subject in some detail. This term is referring to the transition between normal periods and the menopause, it can start upto 10 years before the menopause even starts!

During this transition stage your body produces less oestrogen which creates an imbalance within your hormones which is responsible for making you feel ‘out of sorts’ 

Don’t worry we can help you through this part of your life by helping you regain the balance in your hormones. MENOphase contains isoflavones, vitamins, minerals and synergistic herbs including wild yam, sage leaf and alfalfa this food supplement contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, normal fertility and reproduction, energy levels, the normal function of the immune system, protection of cells against oxidative stress and much more.

Not only does the reduction in oestrogen play havoc with your hormones in addition it can effect the acid in the stomach you can start to get a lot of indigestion, wind, and feeling of fullness, as well as a lot of the discomfort and pain. 

Digestive Enzymes taken with a little water before eating helps ease the passage of food through the digestive system, reducing trapped painful gas, bloating, and ensuring that the wastes are disposed of the following day., we can’t because of the after-dinner bloating.

If you’re getting bloated after meals, then do consider supplementing with a vegan Digestive Enzyme tablet.  Just take it with a little water before eating.  Your stomach will thank you for it, and so will your waistline!

In addition to the above symptoms associated with perimenopause Collagen production is closely linked to oestrogen levels, and therefore as oestrogen drops, so does collagen formation.

As perimenopause hits, your skin can be impacted due to the aforementioned decrease in oestrogen, which causes collagen levels to drop. The result? Reduced collagen leads to diminished elasticity and skin strength. The combination of this with dryness also brought about through hormonal changes more fine lines, wrinkles and sagging becomes visible. Our high quality blend of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, pine bark, astaxanthin contributes to the maintenance of normal collagen for the function of skin, bones, cartilage and blood vessels.

When combined these supplements can help to regulate your hormones and gut health helping you to feel yourself again. Please do get in contact if you require any help.