Uncommon Allergies


Allergies are often associated with pollen, animal dander, dust, food or other microscopic particles that affect our immune system. However, some people have allergic reactions to physical stimuli like heat, cold, and sunlight. A typical reaction is hives, or itchy raised welts of skin, which can be the result of hypersensitivity to heat and cold. If you consistently experience hives after exercise, a hot shower, stress, or going from a warm to cold environment, you might be hypersensitive to temperature. In this case, the best treatment is to avoid extreme temperature changes.

Dress warmly in cold weather, and take warm showers instead of hot or cold ones. Swimming can also aggravate the condition, because water causes thermal changes to your body. Limit your time in the pool and keep the pool water fairly warm since colder water can cause allergic symptoms. It’s also a good idea to avoid the sun’s heat and light, which can cause hives in some people. When you plan to spend time outdoors, wear trousers and long-sleeve shirts, or be sure to apply sunscreen to lessen the effects of the sun’s radiation.

If you continue to experience symptoms, a doctor can prescribe an antihistamine or other medication to reduce the irritation. The best treatment for allergies is to find out what causes them, and do your best to avoid these triggers.

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